kindly accepting donations to bring yoga to our us marines

Our friend, an officer for the US Marines, kindly asked that we spearhead a yoga mat donation for his troops in Okinawa. 100% of every donation goes towards bringing yoga mats + a yoga practice to our US marines. We already sent a few mats for them to use. Here is what our friend, an officer, said: 

a yoga class is an oasis for anyone in the midst of a hectic 21st century life, but can be especially relaxing and calming for military personnel. marine culture is quite different from the teachings of yoga, and i’ve found it to be a great escape and source of new perspectives and wisdom. i would love to be able to share this with my marines, who are mostly young (18-22) year old men who could use a productive emotional outlet.
— marines officer (kindly requested to remain anonymous)


Kalí Zoë and CORE have partnered to offer 

Specialty Retreats + Workshops

Recharge // Rejuvenate // Rebalance

 Movement (vinyasa, katonah + hatha), Mindful Fitness, Nutrition, Community & Meditation

join us in a miami oasis to start 2018. january 7-10!


3 Day Rejuvenation Retreats offered  in Miami. (stay tuned for Tuscany, Martha’s Vineyard, Careyes and Aspen)

Come Learn and Experience:

Kalí Zoë Classes  

An exploration of yogic movement blended from Vinyasa, Katonah, and Hatha practices. Learn how to align the body for better function, deepen poses with use of metaphor and find joy in movement.

Core Classes

A dynamic flow style of movement incorporating resistance, strengthening and stretching. Learn how to move with an energetic muscular and skeletal connection for power, extension, grace and balance.


Learn simple, helpful techniques for both formal and informal meditation and mindfulness practices.


Enjoy local, organic breakfast and lunch prepared for balanced energy, a strong immune system and optimal wellbeing.

Leisure + Community

Sunrise beach walks, standup paddleboarding, biking, journaling, cooking classes, swimming and 1 massage or facial.

book through the shore club (305)695-3100

limited space. see you there!


2018 schedule coming soon.

We'll be at The Shore Club in Miami the first Sunday - Wednesday of every month from January - May. Join us!

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