Create Your Dream Mudra [from $160]

Create Your Dream Mudra [from $160]


custom Mudras require this deposit of $160 for the most basic variation. (ex: a custom engraving or decorative stones). Prices increase based on your wishes - diamonds will cost more than many other stones, and silver will be more expensive than a gold bronze. Email with subject: CUSTOM MUDRA or call (631)827-1078 if you need assistance placing your order. Otherwise, we will reach out to you once it is placed so that you can create your perfect custom piece!


Creating a custom Mudra is highly recommended. We will work together each step of the way to create a special, one of a kind Mudra for you. Everything from sizing to selecting & sourcing the perfect stones for you.

what's included?

-sizing consultation

-custom engraving on your choosing 

-up to three decorative stones

-any pressure stones we offer

- or sourcing of a stone not usually offered (may cost extra depending on the cost of stone)

-choose your metal

-choose your metal finish 

-case and box for your sparkly new mudra

SIZING -- *most women wear a size medium, most men a large, + children or women with especially delicate hands a small. consult with us via chat or email if you are unsure what size to order... happy to help!

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