“By manipulating the form of the body through asanas, mapping the body through meditations and refining the measure and meter of the breath through pranayama, we can become revelatory and dynamic. Yoga creates both power and vision and is a technique for enhancing joy in life.” - Nevine Michaan


PRIVATE CLASSES: currently accepting new clients in Miami. We can hold class in your home, at The Shore Club or in my studio. Nothing beats one on one instruction. 

WORKSHOPS: Katonah Inspired Yoga, How to Start a Home Practice, Yoga + Art, Meditation, Alignment Workshops, The Body as Origami + Inversions, Corporate Yoga [Locations: Miami, NYC, Eastern Long Island, Caribbean]

PUBLIC CLASSES: Ahana, Tropical Vinyasa, House of Movement

RETREATS: see here - hope you join us on the mat (+ on the beach).

ABOUT:  Arianna Spiros is a US-based yoga, movement and meditation teacher, and the co-founder of Kalí Zoë Designs. Arianna leads retreats and spearheads wellness programs for schools and organizations. 

After experiencing firsthand and noticing time and time again the effects movement, breathing and meditation practices can have on our mental, emotional and physical well-being, Arianna made a commitment to share the teachings she has been acquiring for a decade with anyone curious enough to learn - her students range from age 3-83.

In her own unique blend, Arianna draws from classical Yogic thought, Taosim and dance to create class experiences that have an emphasis on the juxtaposition of effort and grace. Classes are safe and focus on thoughtful alignment. Arianna is a devoted student with her own home practice and is always reading and studying under her teachers - specifically Nevine Michaan and Abbie Galvin in order to refine her own practice and teaching. She has also studied meditation with yoga Master Alan Finger and lived in a classical ashram in order to delve deeper into practice and teaching. In addition to retreats, Arianna teaches primarily in Miami.